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29 09 2020


9:00 - 15:00

IMD Masterclass med Professor Howard Yu, ”Competing in China and Beyond” + Solving the Execution Challenge: The Other Side of Digitization

Cycling Business Network har helt eksklusivt, via Victor Feddersen og Winning Team, fået adgang til Scandinavian Executives Institutes Executive MasterClasses, hvor nogle af verdens dygtigste undervisere kommer og giver deres syn på verden.

Vores hold bliver sat sammen med Winning Teams deltagere og der garanteres læring og inspiration fra øverste hylde.

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Session 1 : Competing in China and Beyond

In 2007, celebrated author and journalist Thomas Friedman published The World Is Flat, in which he describes how the Internet transcends national boundaries and narrow ideologies by bringing billions of people online.

In reality, however, the Internet has made the world anything but flat. It turns out the online world is a rugged landscape complete with mountain ridges and deep valleys. Even when adapting to the same enabling technologies, consumers often adopt vastly different habits, and multiple business models germinated by the same initial insights are often put into practice differently. Nothing is uniform among the companies that have come to dominate the world’s ecommerce. They instead resemble a collection of zoological species with functional features highly adapted to their local environments.

Market niches demand specialization when companies fight over market share. It was from the rough and tumble of the IT world that many Chinese e-commerce giants were born—Tencent, Alibaba, JD.com, just to name a few. In this session, we’ll examine how Chinese firms are rapidly move up the value chain and develop higher-level capabilities, and how they lead in areas just as mobile payment, artificial intelligence, and robotics.


Session 2 : Solving the Execution Challenge: The Other Side of Digitization

Companies can’t survive without innovating. But most put far more emphasis on generating Big Ideas than on executing them—turning ideas into actual breakthrough products, services, and process improvements. That’s because “ideating” is energizing and glamorous. By contrast, execution seems like humdrum, behind-the-scenes dirty work.

But without execution, Big Ideas go nowhere. This session is designed to expose managers about the reasons why execution on digital strategy is even more important than many senior executives realize, and sheds powerful new light on why businesses fail to deliver on even their most promising strategies

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